The Real Estate Virtual Office and Going Green!

Innovation is conveying enormous changes to the land business. The times of the settled area office or “block and cement” are going the method for the dinosaur. Our customers anticipate that us will give the most ideal administration. Today’s virtual office enables us to meet these requests, in addition, to spare time and cash for everybody included. A virtual office implies we have the capacity to lead business anyplace.

The uplifting news for you? Sitting in a meeting space for different reasons, seeing property, printing and marking shapes, real estate business names and so on are finished. Most by far of purchasers begin their home hunt on the web and have effectively talked with their operator or dealer about which properties they’d get a kick out of the chance to see. We can go directly to the fun part which is taking a gander at the property. With a netbook and 3G get to, we can right away access any extra information about a property you may require. Once you’ve discovered the home or property that interests you, you’re allowed to take off and go accomplish something fun. All the printed material will touch base to you on the web. You can even electronically sign every one of your reports.

The innovation we have available to you implies a quicker, more beneficial and fun home look involvement for you. The special reward is our lessened utilization of common assets. We can expend far less paper, gas, and power.

Obviously, if innovation alarms you a bit, we can, in any case, accommodate you the way out forefathers would have done it. OnlyCarmelValleyHomes is focused on giving incredible support of our customers and we anticipate helping you locate a superb property.

Who really controls your listing?

My Guarantee for sellers: It’s different because it really is worth something.

A listing agreement is a contract. What guarantee do you have that protects you if you are not happy with the service provided by your real estate agent? What if the circumstances for selling change, or you simply change your mind? I have the answer for you. A true guarantee that provides real protection for sellers, in writing! I’m not offering a firm hand shake and a promise, or any handshake personal guarantee that is not a legal guarantee. I’m not interested in “owning” your listing for any period of time. I’m only interested in helping you to sell your home. My guarantee states in writing that the seller has the right to cancel their listing at any time before an offer is accepted. This is not something you should have to ask for or demand when listing your home, but I doubt it will be offered up front by any other real estate agent you interview. This alone tells a lot.

I do this for one simple reason. I only want to work with clients who enjoy working with me. If my clients don’t think I’m doing my job they should be free to find another agent. In all my years of listing homes I have never been fired, so I’m not worried, but you should be if you don’t have control over your own property listing. Sometimes sellers experience a change of mind, or heart, or circumstance. In such a case, they are very happy to have this no hassle way of canceling a listing.

Home Valuation Request

Let a Carmel Valley Expert find your Carmel Valley home!

We live in the valley. It’s easy for us to stay up to date on what is for sale and what has sold. Our focus is on one small area. This is different from other offices, which sell homes in many areas. We can personally see every home for sale in Carmel Valley. We are the experts of Carmel Valley real estate and our area knowledge will make your home shopping fast and productive.

If you have questions about moving to or living in Carmel Valley feel free to call.

The search properties functions above on this page give you access to every available home listed in Carmel Valley. The “Detailed Home Search” provides details and the ability to see multiple photos and/or virtual tours of properties. You can also sign up for automatic email updates of new listings.

Most importantly, we don’t “sell” homes to anyone. We are here to help you find a wonderful home that fits your criteria. You won’t find an ounce of sales pressure, just great service.


Hello and welcome to the OnlyCarmelValleyHomes website. I’m Martin Schlarmann, the Broker of OnlyCarmelValleyHomes. I have been licensed and helping people with their real estate needs since 1986 and opened my brokerage for Carmel Valley real estate in 2003′.

My wife and I live just east of Mid-Valley on four acres that front the Carmel River. We can fish, hike, kayak and watch endless wildlife just walking out our back door. We have three children, Kerry (16), Katie (19) and Liz (21). In keeping with the country lifestyle, we’ve had quite an array of animals. Two llamas, two pigs, one mule, one rabbit, three cats, one dog, and an African tortoise are the latest tally. Our goats are gone due to a hungry mountain lion.

When free time is available, you’ll find me walking the trails in Garland Park, trying to keep up with maintaining our 4 acres or fixing something around the house. We love to spend time in the garden and grow native CA drought-tolerant plants in our small (CA licensed) nursery. I’m an admitted Porsche nut and have a beautiful Porsche Carrera Cabriolet. It is not driven much but does see the occasional trip down the Big Sur Coast or on the back roads of Carmel Valley.

Over the years, I’ve handled home, condo, land and investment property sales. One transaction really stands out as unique. In 2003′ I marketed and sold a 160-acre parcel nestled in the Cachagua hills (upper Carmel Valley) which was home to the AT&T Jamesburg Earth Station. The complex consisted of a 20,000 square-foot complex and a satellite dish 10 stories high, weighing 34 tons and spanning 97 feet in diameter. For more than three decades, the dish was a principle link between Asia and North America including live television coverage of President Richard Nixon’s 1972 visit to China. Almost half the telephone calls between U.S. and Asia went through the big dish.

I’m always happy to answer questions, so feel free to call or email with questions about Carmel Valley real estate.

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Information for Buyers

Working with an agent to find a new home should be an easy, no stress situation. You have enough on your plate with new jobs, new schools, and the seemingly endless tasks of moving from one home to another. Don’t add worrying about your real estate agent to your list.

I live in the valley. It’s easy for me to stay up to date on what is for sale and what has sold. My focus is on one small area. This is different from other agents who sell homes in many areas. I can personally see every home for sale in Carmel Valley. My area knowledge will make your home shopping fast and productive.

If you have questions about moving to or living in Carmel Valley feel free to call me. You can also email questions to me at

I have purposely not added dozens of links to this site with endless A to Z information just to fill space. There are a few links that are helpful and I have included these. Any other questions? Just ask me, that’s my job.

My goal is to help you buy a home with a method that fits your current timeline and availability. I don’t have one uniform plan or process for all of my clients. If you tell me what you ideally would like I can tell you if it’s available in Carmel Valley. I can show you homes that fit your criteria and track any new property that comes on the market. You can also search for homes yourself. Simply use the link on this page for MLS home search. If you see anything that interests you, I will arrange for you to see it. Bottom line? You decide how we will conduct your home search.┬áMy primary source of business over the years has been through referrals. This is because my clients enjoy and feel confident working with me. I only work with two or three clients at a time. You won’t get lost in the shuffle here because there isn’t a shuffle to get lost in. You can expect a real one on one feeling from the service you receive.

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Listing and Selling your Home

When you decide to sell your home, it should be a straightforward process. I have been helping people sell their homes for over 20 years. I’ll walk you through the process and show you what truly influences home sales.

The three major keys are price, the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and how the home shows to prospective buyers. Ignoring any of these key factors will make the process much more difficult. Marketing, outside of the MLS, will have a role but it may be different from what you have come to believe. I’ll cover this mystery area as well.
Marketing Your Home


I bracket homes in order to show clients exactly why I am suggesting a specific listing price. By showing clients homes above and below the caliber of their own property, they can easily see where they stand in the current market conditions. I preview homes all week long, and only in Carmel Valley, so can give my clients real knowledge and expertise with values in this area.


The Multiple Listing Service allows brokerages to share data regarding home listings. This tool allows agents from all different offices to share information and show every listed home to their prospective buyers. The MLS drives the vast majority of home sales. Statistically, there really is not even a close second.

Showing your home

The condition and how buyers will view your home will have a dramatic impact on price. My job is to help you make the necessary changes, if necessary, to give your home broad appeal to buyers. This can be a very difficult area for sellers. I have years of experience helping sellers with this and know what will be beneficial to you.

About Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley is found only east of Carmel by the Sea. It is a delightful valley with an unequivocal rustic flavor. There is a wide range of arts of shops, eateries, wineries and resorts situated in the valley. There are amazing open and tuition based schools. Fairways, tennis courts and equestrian focuses proliferate. Costco, Target, Home Depot, Del Monte Center Mall and other real shopping settings are strategically placed all through the Monterey Peninsula, only a short drive from the valley.

There are a wide assortment of homes, domains, parcel sizes and real esatate in Carmel Valley. There are homes and homes with phenomenal valley perspectives and homes with stream facing. The variety of decisions here will empower you to locate your optimal blend of home, land, and neighborhood. This being such an extraordinary place to live and arrive being limited, cost is the main genuine imperative, as the home estimations mirror the attractive quality of the zone. The low end of properties begin in the $700,000-$900,000 territory and best home property moves upwards to $7,000,000. For the most part, there are various brilliant properties available offering in the $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 territory.

Starting at Highway 1, Carmel Valley Road runs east through the valley. The Mid-Valley Shopping Center is found 6 miles inland and Carmel Valley Village is at about the 11-mile marker. Once past the Village you will discover more open space, a more grounded country feel and significantly more lovely view. Climate changes inconspicuously as you travel east far from the impact of the sea. There is less haze and hotter temperatures the more remote east you travel into the valley. Typical precipitation is 17-18″ every year. We get some ice in the winter, and the leaves do change shading here! Populace is about 12,000.

My better half and I ventured to every part of the State of California for a year searching for a place to migrate from Southern California. Despite the fact that we saw numerous decent zones, Carmel Valley was “it” for us. We were blessed to locate a home and an area our family cherishes, and have never for a minute lamented our choice.

I sell homes in Carmel Valley only!

OnlyCarmelValleyHomes is a boutique land office adjusting a little customer base solely in Carmel Valley. The Carmel Valley region incorporates homes along the passage as you travel up Carmel Valley Road, from the mouth of the valley, and proceeds with east through the valley. To guarantee the full administration nature of my pledge to you, I will just convey a set number of customers at some random time.

OnlyCarmelValleyHomes is a full administration business with an attention on one zone, Carmel Valley. I have been authorized and helping individuals purchase and offer their homes since 1986. In case you’re searching for customized benefit from an accomplished intermediary, you discovered it.

On this site you will discover data about Carmel Valley, posting and offering your home, my purchaser’s administrations and why this is “the” business you need to work with. There is likewise an exceptionally practical approach to scan for homes in Carmel Valley. The “look homes” interface above will take you straightforwardly into the MLS postings for Carmel Valley.

In the event that you have any inquiries, I am only a telephone summons or email. Much obliged to you for visiting my site.