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Listing and Selling your Home

When you decide to sell your home, it should be a straightforward process. I have been helping people sell their homes for over 20 years. I’ll walk you through the process and show you what truly influences home sales.

The three major keys are price, the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and how the home shows to prospective buyers. Ignoring any of these key factors will make the process much more difficult. Marketing, outside of the MLS, will have a role but it may be different from what you have come to believe. I’ll cover this mystery area as well.
Marketing Your Home


I bracket homes in order to show clients exactly why I am suggesting a specific listing price. By showing clients homes above and below the caliber of their own property, they can easily see where they stand in the current market conditions. I preview homes all week long, and only in Carmel Valley, so can give my clients real knowledge and expertise with values in this area.


The Multiple Listing Service allows brokerages to share data regarding home listings. This tool allows agents from all different offices to share information and show every listed home to their prospective buyers. The MLS drives the vast majority of home sales. Statistically, there really is not even a close second.

Showing your home

The condition and how buyers will view your home will have a dramatic impact on price. My job is to help you make the necessary changes, if necessary, to give your home broad appeal to buyers. This can be a very difficult area for sellers. I have years of experience helping sellers with this and know what will be beneficial to you.