Who really controls your listing?

My Guarantee for sellers: It’s different because it really is worth something.

A listing agreement is a contract. What guarantee do you have that protects you if you are not happy with the service provided by your real estate agent? What if the circumstances for selling change, or you simply change your mind? I have the answer for you. A true guarantee that provides real protection for sellers, in writing! I’m not offering a firm hand shake and a promise, or any handshake personal guarantee that is not a legal guarantee. I’m not interested in “owning” your listing for any period of time. I’m only interested in helping you to sell your home. My guarantee states in writing that the seller has the right to cancel their listing at any time before an offer is accepted. This is not something you should have to ask for or demand when listing your home, but I doubt it will be offered up front by any other real estate agent you interview. This alone tells a lot.

I do this for one simple reason. I only want to work with clients who enjoy working with me. If my clients don’t think I’m doing my job they should be free to find another agent. In all my years of listing homes I have never been fired, so I’m not worried, but you should be if you don’t have control over your own property listing. Sometimes sellers experience a change of mind, or heart, or circumstance. In such a case, they are very happy to have this no hassle way of canceling a listing.